OUC hosts Lean Construction 4.0 conference on Digital Industrialisation and the Future of Construction

Oryx Universal College, in collaboration with our esteemed partners, LCI-Q (Lean Construction Institute Qatar), recently hosted an enlightening conference on Lean Construction 4.0 on 20 May 2023 at our campusin Al Messila. The event delved into the crucial topic of Digital Industrialisation and its impact on “The Future of Construction”. The event attracted over 50 engineers and industry professionals to deep dive into the topic with Prof. Zoubeir Lafhaq.

Prof. Zoubeir Lafhaq is the President and Founder of the French Lean Construction Institute. His expertise and insights provided attendees with invaluable perspectives on the evolving landscape of the construction industry and the significant role of digitalisation in shaping its future.

Representatives from Oryx Universal College’s Civil Engineering department, comprising both students and staff, eagerly participated in the conference. Dr. Abdulla Y Al Sayed and Dr Luai El Sabek, esteemed board members from LCI-Q, also joined the event. Their presence epitomised the spirit of collaboration and mutual learning that defined the conference.

The conference primarily focused on how automation and digitalisation can enhance construction operations in countries across the globe. Attendees gained valuable insights into the transformative power of Lean Construction 4.0 and how it can propel the industry forward, fostering efficiency, sustainability, and innovation.

To close the event, participants had the opportunity to engage in a dynamic Q&A session, which further enriched their insights related to Lean Construction 4.0. The lively exchange of ideas and experiences highlighted the commitment of OUC, LCI-Q and the participants to drive positive change and advancements in the construction sector.

By facilitating such conferences and discussions, Oryx Universal College continues to affirm its position as a hub of academic excellence and a catalyst for industry progress. We remain committed to organising future events that empower individuals, inspire collaboration and drive positive change within the construction sector and beyond.

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