Clubs and Societies

At Oryx Universal College, we encourage and promote holistic student growth and development. We have established a range of diverse and interesting clubs and societies for students and staff to engage in and work collaboratively with individuals sharing the same interests as them. Students of across the campus can join any club or society should they wish to.

Environmental Club

Become environmentally aware and develop your environment friendly skills and attitudes to work as a team towards building a high quality and sustainable life for all.

Charity Week

The vision of Charity Week is to become a vehicle to inspire young people to become active, socially engaged and united upon our shared Islamic and humanitarian values.

Ramadan Donation Drive

Donate your time and effort contributing to and making a difference in the larger community.


Recreational Club

It’s all about trying different types of fun and engaging activities. Explore your interests and network with your peers for a transformative student experience.

How to sign up?

Students are introduced to a wide range of clubs and societies during the Induction Day held prior to the commencement of classes. However, OUC welcomes and encourages students to continue exploring their interests and skills by engaging in clubs throughout the course of their study. If students wish to sign-up for a new or a different club sometime during the academic year, they can contact the Office of Student Experience and Academic Registry via