OUC’s first on-campus student induction event

Oryx Universal College marked a major milestone, on 15th and 16th September 2020, proudly welcoming six new cohorts including four undergraduate and two postgraduate, on their induction day organised at the Al Messila campus. The event proved extremely successful given OUC’s achievement as the only institute in Qatar offering female students an opportunity to pursue a Civil Engineering qualification in a coeducation set-up. The campus hosted a new cohort every four hours, ensuring compliance to the safety guidelines, in light of recent global events. After the enthusiastic and warm reception of students by the staff, followed by registration, students were ready to kick off their induction event.

Dr. Homaid Al-Madfa, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Azmy Ameer, President of OUC and Dr. Tony Auchterlounie, Dean of Academic Affairs, initiated the event with welcoming speeches, giving the new students an insight into the purpose of the institute and explaining how OUC intends to transform the educational experience for them. Professor Alison Cotgrave, representing Liverpool John Moores University, also addressed the event from the UK. Following the commencement speeches, students from all cohorts were given the opportunity to meet the relevant academic staff, who briefly introduced themselves offering them encouragement and motivation. Glen Thompson, Foundation Studies Programme Coordinator at OUC, proceeded to explain to students about the Academic Study and System at the university. Additionally, all Programme Coordinators presented a concise overview about their particular programme. 

With a focus on building a recognisable learning community, the college introduced a range of interesting products and merchandise including LJMU/OUC polo shirts, hats and computer bags.  Students were given a glimpse into the college life, highlighting on-campus activities that students can expect. The staff gave an informative session on the various clubs at OUC, allowing the students a chance to register themselves depending on their interests and welcoming their suggestions for other clubs and activities. As the event unfolded, the camaraderie between the students and staff became evident with everyone enjoying productive discussions over coffee at the Cavern Café, while maintaining the required social distance.

Oryx Universal College began its journey in Qatar with a vision of creating leaders, and to finally see the dream turn into reality was remarkable. With its first successful induction event, OUC opened its doors to its very own community of learners, filling up the campus classrooms and corridors with astounding energy and a keen spirit to embark on an educational journey of multidimensional growth.

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