OUC sponsors Ministry of Education & Higher Education event

In late March, Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE), Qatar hosted a Virtual College Readiness Forum. Oryx Universal College in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University & INJAZ Qatar sponsored the event. With 20 academic institutions, including international universities participating, the event was aimed to raise awareness about various majors being offered in universities across Qatar.

The forum was designed to introduce secondary school students, especially from grade 9 – 12, to choose the academic pathways. These pathways can be opted by students based on their interests and aptitudes, moving towards higher education. Alongside, describing the universities admissions criteria and what must be done by the students in order to meet them.

The event comprised of Majors Week, held on 23rd to 28th March. This event focused on acquainting students with a range of majors within Engineering, Medicine, Technology and Business domains. This was followed by a Virtual University Fair, which took place from March 29th to 31st.

Undergraduate programmes, offered by OUC in partnership with LJMU, in Civil Engineering, Quantity Surveying and Computer Science were introduced to the participants in the Majors Week. The students were also given an insight in terms of the careers they can pursue with qualifications within these areas of study. The Virtual University Fair was targeted towards creating awareness about the different universities across the country.

The forum proved successful with over 1600 students attending the multiple day events. The attending students expressed their interest in a range of STEM related fields of study. With the purpose of ‘Putting your Future into Perspective’ the Virtual College Readiness 2021 forum was devised to ensure that students within Qatar have the knowledge and understanding about various majors and academic institutions. Aiming to not only pursue their choice of programme locally, but to also learn about and explore new and emerging areas that the students could potentially be interested in. Considering their scope of transforming the future globally.

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