OUC hosts Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) delegation to strengthen academic collaboration

Oryx Universal College (OUC) in Qatar recently experienced a pivotal moment in its academic journey by hosting esteemed delegates from partners Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), UK, on the 22nd and 23rd of November 2023. This visit, a significant milestone in the partnership between the two institutions, was led by Prof. Timothy Nichol, Pro Vice Chancellor of Faculty of Business and Law (FoBL), and Dr. Julia Yi Wang, Director of International Relations. Their presence at OUC marked a reaffirmation of the institutions’ commitment to academic excellence and collaborative innovation in the MENA region.

The delegation’s agenda was packed with several key events, each designed to deepen the ties between OUC and LJMU. One of the most notable meetings was with Eng. Abdallah Al-Wahedi, Director of Shared Services at Kahramaa. The focus was on forging a robust relationship between the institutions, exploring potential internship opportunities, and delving into collaborative research and scholarship prospects. These discussions underscored OUC’s dedication to seamlessly integrating academic scholarship with real-world industry practices, a core tenet of its educational philosophy.

At the OUC campus, the delegation engaged in comprehensive discussions with the college’s management team. These meetings provided valuable insights into the OUC-LJMU partnership, particularly evaluating the relevance and scope of OUC’s academic programmes in meeting contemporary educational needs. These conversations played a pivotal role in aligning the strategic goals of both institutions, with a strong emphasis on nurturing research-driven innovation and upholding academic excellence with students at the centre.

A seminar with students from OUC’s MSc Leadership & Management Practice and MSc Project Management programmes emerged as a standout moment, with Prof. Nichol and Dr. Wang sharing their insights on business, leadership, and the programmes’ significant contributions to the community. This session transcended the boundaries of knowledge-sharing; it provided students with first-hand exposure to global academic standards and practices, aligning with OUC’s educational ethos centred around research-based learning.

The second day of the visit was equally eventful, featuring engagements with senior officials from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE) of the State of Qatar. Discussions with Dr. Khalid Abdulla Al-Ali, Assistant Undersecretary for Higher Education Affairs, Dr. Abdulla Hamad Fetais, Director of Higher Education Affairs, and Dr. Harib Mohamed Saeed Al-Jabri, Director of Scholarships, revolved around the pivotal role of educational institutions in supporting national strategies and expanding the horizons of academic and research collaboration, while enhancing community engagement to bolster strategic initiatives driven by the Qatar National Vision 2030.

An additional meeting with H.E. Mr. Mohamed Bin Twar Al Kuwari, First Vice Chairman of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce & Industry, marked another significant moment of the visit. This interaction focused on the critical roles of SMEs, the functions of the chamber, and avenues for potential internships, further cementing the relationship between academia and industry. The dialogue also included Prof. Nichol explaining how LJMU closely engages with the Liverpool Chamber in the UK to support the local industry through various strategic initiatives.

The visit of the LJMU representatives to OUC was more than a formal event; it was a testament to the evolving partnership dedicated to fostering educational innovation and global thought leadership. This visit mirrors LJMU’s strategic priority to bolster the Transnational Education (TNE) portfolio by enhancing the scope of engagements with existing global partners. It not only reinforced the bond between OUC and LJMU but also exemplified their shared commitment to providing a progressive and globally oriented educational experience in Qatar. The visit laid the groundwork for future collaborations, setting a precedent for how academic partnerships can shape the future of education.

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