What is graduation?

When you complete your degree, you will receive an invitation to participate in the Oryx Universal College graduation ceremony, in which you will receive your awards from Liverpool John Moores University, including your degree certificates and original transcripts.

Graduation represents a magnificent achievement of completing a significant goal in your life. Your Graduation Ceremony will be an opportunity to celebrate your success with your family and friends. As you walk onto the stage and receive your certificate, this marks the end of your studies and the beginning of the next stage of your life, whether that may be further study or a working career.

Graduate Safely
COVID-19 information

We believe special memories shouldn’t be reminisced through a laptop screen. However, to ensure the safety of everyone attending our in-person graduation ceremonies, we ask you to follow these steps in accordance with the Ministry of Public Health guidelines:

If you test positive for COVID-19 or have COVID-19 symptoms, please do not attend your graduation ceremony. You can let us know you’re unable to attend by emailing registry@oryx.edu.qa.


It may take a little longer to check in all students and guests, so please arrive at the venue well in advance for your ceremony. The full details of when to arrive will be listed on the registration portal.


Only ticket holders will be allowed to enter the venue for our graduation ceremonies. If you have guests who would like to experience your special day with you but do not have tickets for the ceremony, they can watch the live stream of our ceremonies on our official YouTube channel.


As you enter the venue, the security team will ask you to show your Ehteraz app. You will only be allowed to enter the venue, if your EHTERAZ status is green.


All visitors at the venue will be provided with our official Oryx Uni face mask upon entry. Represent your university and wear the face mask during the ceremony. You can remove your facemask as you walk across the stage, so we can take a few memorable pictures for you.


There will be hand sanitiser bottles available at the entrance and throughout the venue. Please use it before you enter and during the event.


Wherever possible, please try to maintain social distance from other people when moving around inside the venue.

All plans are subject to Ministry of Public Health approval. The Academic Registry team will keep you updated through Graduation page on Microsoft Teams. Please check your OUC student email regularly for updates.

Top Tips

With the graduation day approaching, it is completely normal to feel a bit overwhelmed by so many things going on in your mind. As you juggle to prepare for successfully finishing your university and starting a new chapter in your life, keep a few important things in mind which will help you handle the graduation effortlessly and successfully. 


Each graduation may be located at a different venue. The full details of the venue, address and directions will be listed on the registration portal.


It is important you read the timetable for the day, including rehearsal times, which will ensure a smooth, stress-free ceremony.


Your ceremony will be streamed live on our official YouTube channel & other media channels, you do not want to look glum so be sure to smile throughout the event.


Your ceremony will be streamed live on our official YouTube channel and across other media channels so be sure to send the link to friends and family who are unable to attend.


Make sure to get an early night’s sleep, so you’re looking your best on your special day. 


Oryx Universal College is immensely proud of all of its graduates. Your graduation ceremony is result of all your hard work, late nights and academic success. Enjoy the day and be proud of all you have achieved! 

What happens after graduation?

Your journey with us doesn’t end at your graduation ceremony. In fact, it is the beginning of an exciting, new path as integral members of the Oryx Universal College community. As alumni, you will be the ambassadors, representing Oryx Universal College in a number of ways. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Network with former graduates
  • Career services and tools
  • Exclusive events
  • Support current OUC students

Graduation 2023

Graduation represents a magnificent achievement of completing a significant goal in your life. Your Graduation Ceremony will be an opportunity