Environmental Club

Become environmentally aware and develop your environment friendly skills and attitudes to work as a team towards building a high quality and sustainable life for all.

Why get involved?

The Oryx Environment club is passionate about all things environmental. It focuses on educating and raising awareness on various environmental issues such as global sustainability, issues facing waste and water, global energy consumption, national efforts to reduce carbon emissions, ocean protection, and climate change amongst numerous others.

Our past events

Sustainability Week – Building effective and sustainable community relationships by encouraging staff and students to engage in fulfilling responsibilities towards the larger ecosystem. These included a range of interesting activities and on-going campaigns with the aim of creating an impact beyond the walls of the College while ensuring a great student experience.

Mangroves Plantation – Taking a pledge to protect and work towards a sustainable environment, staff and students occasionally visit Al Thakira to plant mangroves. All the participants engage in contributing to the local ecosystem, providing a habitat for numerous birds and animals, as well as being big absorbers of carbon dioxide, thereby helping to reduce climate change.

Plant a Million Trees – Students and staff, in collaboration with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, took part in the Plant a Million Trees campaign which is an integral component of Qatar’s commitment to the Paris Climate Change Agreement as environmental development is an essential pillar of Qatar National Vision 2030.

Desert Clean up – Staff and students contributed to a clean-up drive successfully collecting 350 kilogrammes of litter from the Singing Sand Dunes in collaboration with Doha Environmental Action Projects (DEAP). The effort, awareness and proactiveness was recognised by the Qatar Green Building Council.

How to sign up?

Students are introduced to a wide range of clubs and societies during the Induction Day held prior to the commencement of classes. However, OUC welcomes and encourages students to continue exploring their interests and skills by engaging in clubs throughout the course of their study. If students wish to sign-up for a new or a different club sometime during the academic year, they can contact the Office of Student Experience and Academic Registry via experience@oryx.edu.qa.

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