Dr. Tripti Saha

Dr Tripti Saha

Assistant Professor
School of Business & Leadership

Academic Qualifications
  • Ph. D. , D.A.V.V., India, Accounts & Taxation
  • Diploma in Business Administration (IGNOU)
  • M.Phil., D.A.V.V., India, Accounts & Taxation
  • M.Com., D.A.V.V., India, Accounts & Taxation
  • B.Com. , D.A.V.V. , India
Professional Experience
  • Corporate Finance Institute: Certifications on Corporate Finance and Fixed Income Fundamentals, Risk Management, Equity Market & Derivatives fundamentals as a part of “Capital Markets & Security Analyst (CMSA).
  • MSc. Investment & Finance: Module Leader- Corporate Finance (AY23-24) •M.Sc. Dissertations coordinator (PM, Cy.Sec., Leadership & Management (AY23-24)
  • Research and Knowledge Exchange Cocoordinator (AY23-24)
  • M.Sc. Project Management - Program Coordinator, Lecturer, Dissertation supervisor (Mar.22-Ap.23)
  • M.Sc. Project Management - Interim Program Coordinator, Lecturer, Dissertation supervisor (Nov.21-Feb.22)
  • B.Sc. Quantity Surveying - Module leader & Lecturer – Economics & Business
  • Developed Economics & Business modules for BSc. Quantity Surveying (L3)
  • Conducted workshops for MSc dissertation students & supervisors
  • Coordinated MSc Project Management Program Periodic Review for renewal from LJMU.
Research Interests
  • Dr. Saha's research interests include behavioral finance, economic implications & risk management, investment management, and derivatives.
Selected Publications
  • Aluko, A.O., Mulholland, G., Odularu, G.O., Coker, T., Aromolaran, A., Udawat, T. (2024), Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Experiences in Globalization and Digital Technology Era (Under review)
  • Tripti Udawat (2009), A Study of Choice Stimuli of Middle-Class Travelers (With Special Reference to Bus Transportation). 'International Journal of Tourism and Travel" Vol2 No.1.
  • Tripti Udawat, Deepak Jaroliya and Pragya Jaroliya (2008), e-filing of TDS Returns: A Perceptual Study of Tax Consultants. Globsyn Management Journal, Vol. 2, Issue 1.