Prof. Jihad Mohamad Al Jaam

Prof. Jihad Mohamad ALJAAM

Professor Program Leader
Co-Ordinator of the Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer 
School of Computing and Data Science 

Academic Qualifications
  • 1994 PhD in Computer Science and Mathematics (Artificial Intelligence), Luminy University, FRANCE with CM5 - USA
  • 1990 Master in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence), FRANCE, Luminy University, France
  • 1989 Bachelor in Computer Science, Luminy University, France
Professional Experience
  • Computer Science (Hons) Program Leader - OUC Co-Coordinator of the Research and Knowledge Transfer Office - OUC
  • Computer Center Director - Qatar University Educational Technolgy Center Director - Qatar University
  • Acting Head of the Computer Science Dept. Qatar University
  • Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development, ULF
  • University President IT Adviser, ULF
  • Project Manager, IBM, PARIS
  • Project Manager, INRIA, TOULOUSE
  • ITS-Company, Consultant, MARSEILLE
  • CM5 (65k Processors) For Hard Problem Solving – USA
  • I am currently a Professor in the School of Computer and Data Sciences at OUC-LJMU University. I lead a research team in NLP, knowledge extraction, and multimedia at Qatar University. Before that, I received B.Sc., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Computing from Southern University (the National Council for Scientific Research, CNRS), France. I was also a Project Manager with IBM, Paris, and an IT Consultant with RTS, France, for several years. I have published more than 195 papers and 8 book chapters in computing and information technology. I am a member of the editorial boards of the Journal of Soft Computing, the American Journal of Applied Sciences, the Journal of Computing and Information Sciences, the Journal of Computing and Information Technology, and the Journal of Emerging Technologies in Web Intelligence. I received the Nicolas D. Georganas Best Paper Award from the ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications in 2015, the Best Research Paper at the 10th Annual International Conference on Computer Games Multimedia and Allied Technologies in 2016, and the Best Research Paper Award at the IEEE ICe3 Conference on e-Learning, e-Management and e-Services in 2018.
Research Interests
  • Artificial Intelligence Application in NLP, Knowledge Extraction, Games and Multimedia, Educational Tools and Systems for Special Needs Children, Soft Computing
Selected Publications
  • ALJA'AM, J.M. "A Pipeline for Story Visualization from Natural Language." Journal of Applied Sciences, Vol.13, Issue 8, 2023
  • ALJA'AM, J.M. "A Study of Children Emotion and their Performance while Handwriting Arabic Characters using a Haptic Device." Journal of Education and Information Technologies, Vol. 28, Issue 2, 2023
  • ALJA'AM, J.M. "Scalable Semi-Supervised Learning through Combined Anchor-based Graph and Flexible Manifold Embedding." ICCA 23, IEEE Conference, 2023