Oryx Universal College Alumni is a vibrant community of former students fostering lifelong connections and professional growth. With diverse accomplishments, the network provides opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and partnerships through reunions, events, and online platforms, contributing to the development of future generations.

Alumni benefits

At Oryx Universal College, we value the ongoing relationship with our alumni community. As a member of the Alumni Association, you gain access to a range of exclusive benefits and privileges.

Exclusive Partner Discounts and Offers

Access to Liverpool John Moores University Library

Book a meeting room at our campus

Alumni Events

Stay connected and engage with your fellow alumni through a series of exciting events organised by the Alumni Association

Alumni Day

Computing & Data Science Conference

Undergraduate Degree Programmes - Civil Engineering

OUC Engineering Conference

Think and Lead

Our Think and Lead workshops are specifically designed to equip alumni and professionals with the essential skills needed for leadership in the modern world. These workshops, certified by OUC, cover a wide range of topics including

  • AI and Leadership: Understand the impact of artificial intelligence on leadership and develop strategies to leverage its potential.
  • Trust in Leadership: Learn how to build trust within your teams and foster an environment of collaboration and growth.
  • Leading Multicultural Teams: Gain insights into leading diverse teams and harness the power of multicultural perspectives.
  • Future of Work and Life Skills: Stay ahead of the evolving workplace landscape by developing crucial future skills such as adaptability, critical thinking, and digital literacy.


As an alumnus/alumna, there are various ways you can actively engage with OUC and contribute to the growth of our community

Internship programs:

Take the first step towards enhancing your career prospects and apply your skills in real-world settings.

OUC is committed to providing valuable internship opportunities for alumni. If you are interested in gaining practical experience and expanding your professional network, we encourage you to fill out the form to be considered for our internship programs.