Understanding the importance of student mental health

Oryx Universal College continues to focus on holistic student growth and development and as part of our commitment to Student Wellbeing and Success, we have organised a series of workshops to further train our staff to provide the best support to our students.

Personal Tutoring is the tool we use to engage with our students at a personal level to support them to improve their mental and physical wellbeing during their transition from being a student to becoming a professional who can deal with the challenges of life. As teachers/educators, we are committed to understand the challenges faced by our students to guide them and nurture them through the transition towards becoming happy and successful collaborators in our communities.

To make sure that all our staff members are trained and equipped with the required insights, knowledge and knowhow of what we are dealing with, the first two workshops will be centered around student Mental Health:

  • Tuesday 22 February 18:00 – 20:00 Brain Health is Mental Health:  An introduction to the bioengineering behind mental health and mental illness
    • Introduction to Mental Health with simple neurology to establish a common understanding of the science behind brain health and mental health.
    • Establishing a common understanding about importance and impact of mental health issues
  • Tuesday 01 March 18:00 – 20:00 Student Mental Health: An introduction to common mental health concerns and a guide on how to address them
    • How to spot a student who needs help

The workshops will be delivered by founder and director of The Lifeologie Institute, Melanie Wells, a serial entrepreneur who owns a large number of clinics in her network providing Mental Wellbeing related services in the US.

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