Dr Sana Chakroun

Dr Sana Chakroun (PhD in English and Applied Linguistics, Germany)

Foundation Studies Lecturer


Dr Sana Chakroun’s journey with the English Language started in Tunisia where she got her Bachelor in the English Literature and Civilization as well as her MA in Applied Linguistics. In 2012, she won a student exchange scholarship to study German and conduct a Ph.D. at the English and American Studies Institute, Philipps University Marburg, Germany. She is currently giving seminars on Academic English at OUC.

Dr Sana has been teaching different courses related to the English language since 2010 in various institutions in Tunisia as well as in Germany. In 2014, she had a teaching assistantship position at Philipps University Marburg, Germany. She also served as the coordinator of the International Buddy Program under the support of the International Office of Marburg in 2015. She was awarded various scholarships (STIBET Doctoral Program of the DAAD, Marburg city scholarship and the E-Teacher Scholarship Program by the US Department of State).

She speaks four languages (Arabic, French, English, and German) and she is fond of travelling and learning new languages.