Prof Ali Jaoua

Prof Ali Jaoua

(PhD, Doctor Eng. & Eng. In Computer Science)

BSc Computer Science Programme Coordinator


Prof Ali Jaoua obtained an Engineering degree in computer science from the ENSEEIHT of Toulouse in 1977, then Doctor-Engineer in 1979, and the Ph.D. in computer science from the University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse, France, in 1987. He has been Professor from 2000, to 2019, and Adjunct Professor/Researcher since 2019, in Computer Science and Engineering Department, at Qatar University. His current research interests include data science, natural language processing, and software engineering. He published about 50 papers in international journals, presented more than 60 conferences, contributed to several books, and organized several international conferences. Invited in different universities, he has been also Associate Professor in Computer Science at Laval University, Quebec, Canada, 1989–1992, and Professor in Computer Science at Al-Manar University, in Tunisia, since 1995. He is a member of ACM Society.