Dr. Malek O. Mohammad

Dr. Malek O. Mohammad (PhD, M.Eng., B.Sc)



Dr. Malek Mohammad has extensive industrial and academic research experience. He received his  Ph.D. degree from Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) in the Division of Sustainable Development, and M.Eng. from Texas A&M University from the United States in Civil and Environmental Engineering, and his bachelor’s degree from Jordan University of Science and Technology in Civil Engineering. Dr. Mohammad’s research interests focus on developing sustainable construction methods, including developing environmentally friendly construction material and energy-efficient measures in building design, construction, and operations processes. In particular, Dr. Malek has extensive knowledge and work in material development, characterization, and microstructure analysis of thermally optimal concrete, 3D Concrete Printing (3DCP), Building Information Modeling (BIM), and life cycle assessment (LCA). Dr. Mohammad also has seven years of working experience in the construction field and executed different project types (high-rise buildings, hotels, residential projects, and fit-outs).

Dr. Malek has established strong collaborations from the industry and has been leading research collaborations with HBKU and Texas A&M University at Qatar. In addition, he has leveraged off his industrial experience to engage in research with direct impact in the construction sector and society at large. His work in 3D concrete printing of load-bearing structures holds the potential to revolutionize the construction sector by introducing automation in a sector that has relied primarily on manual labour.