Dr Adi Fejzic

Dr Adi Fejzic (PhD Linguistics, MA Linguistics, BA English & Lit.)

Senior Lecturer at the School of Foundation Studies


Dr Adi Fejzic has 22 years of a professional career in higher education. Because teaching is his passion, working in education has become a significant part of his life. He started as a teaching assistant in his first university position. After some time, he became a senior teaching assistant. Then, a lecturer and finally, an assistant professor. This gradual development and advancement have helped him understand the needs, attitudes, and information preferences of different learners’ groups at different levels.

Dr Adi has worked at four universities in three countries: the Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar and the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; the Mediterranean University of Podgorica, Montenegro; and the American University of the Middle East, Kuwait. At all four universities mentioned above, he taught English courses to non-native speakers of English, effectively absorbing values and requirements from each of them and moulding them into a useful hybrid that reflects the diversity, equity and passion for all students.