Dr Aboubakr Aqle

Aboubakr Aqle (PhD in Computer Science & Engineering)

Lecturer and Leader for Senior Students Project Module


Dr. Aboubakr Aqle is currently a Lecturer in the Computer Science School in Oryx Universal College (OUC-Qatar) in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU-UK) and Lead PI in the College of Science Engineering at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU).  Aqle had a BSc in 2002 and MSc in 2015 from Computer Science and Engineering College in Qatar University (QU). His master thesis was based on real-time systems analysis for hidden web databases. He applied a new information extraction methodology that is domain-independent and gave promising results. His work has appeared in several international conferences and journals. Before undertaking doctoral studies in 2016, he worked for different techno-functional and managerial ICT positions for more than 14 years in multi-sectors of private, government, and semi-government institutions. He started his career as a Programmer, then as System Analyst, after that as Implementation Team Leader to a Project Manager, and finally as ICT Solutions Manager. He participated as co-investigator in a QU NPRP-QNRF research project (2015-2017): “Analytics based Interface Transformation for Web Databases.” Dr. Aqle was awarded his PhD (2016-2021) in Computer Science and Engineering, and his thesis is titled “Accessible Structured Overview and Preview to Support Visually Impaired Users Exploration of Search Results.” The thesis explored the approach of generating multi-level accessible summaries of the search results. Dr. Aqle assisted many undergraduate and master students with the application development framework and Formal Concept Analysis approach for the hidden web data analytics and model representation. Dr. Aqle research topics of interest are Formal Concept Analysis (FCA), hidden web data analytics, concept extraction for browsing, semantic and structural analysis in documents, and text summarization techniques.